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Salon Equipment To Impress Any budget - Hair Salon Furniture To Help You Grow.

Salon equipment, hair salon furniture, barber chairs, and styling chairs - small or big, you have come to the right place. Quality, style and customer service is all gathered in one place. Your satisfaction is our first priority that's why we are here with live call agents to help you choose the right hair salon equipment and hair salon furniture. For over 15 years our factory direct service has helped numerous salons and spas to revamp their hair salon furniture. Hair salon furniture and styling chairs are a substantial purchase, and styling chair usually use up a large part of client's budgets. Hair salon furniture experts at Elad Beauty (Salon Equipment Factory) provide top quality discounted Hair salon furniture reflecting existing colors and styles, in addition to high quality functionality that gratify stylist and customer needs. Once the styling chairs have been decided on, we can recommend all matching pieces of salon shampoo chairs, pedicure chairs, all purpose chairs, and matching barber chairs - you'll want to project a hot and up to date, yet classic and ageless look for you salon.


There are so many products needed in the operation of a hair salon that finding a source for low cost hair salon furniture is crucial for saving money. Our large selection of shampoo chairs, wholesale styling chairs, pedicure chairs, all purpose chair , barber chair, styling chair, mirror stations, dryer chairs, beauty bed, salon stations, booster kids, pedicure chairs,and all purpose chairs should be the right start to put an eye catching salon together.


However, the hair salon furniture you will need in your salon will depend on the type of services you offer. The best thing is that you can find virtually almost anything needed in our web store.


Barber Chair History

The traditional barber chair uses hydraulics so that the barber is able to move the chair in an upward or downward motion for the best position as well as for the comfort of both the barber and the client. Usually the barber is able to rotate the chair to make sure the hair he needs to get to is within his reach. Vintage barber chairs are often expensive since they can be collectible items when in good condition. People may even have vintage barber chairs in their homes or offices since they can be extremely beautiful pieces of work. There are many different styles of barber chairs that you can choose from. You can search the internet to find good deals on barber shop chairs.


We carry all hair salon furniture you need for your business. Whether you are renewing, modifying, or doing a new salon we can help with variety of hair salon chair. We can custom make any salon chair to any Color that the Customer Desires. We specialize in Styling Chair, Barber Chair, Salon Equipment, and Hair Salon Furniture. Our styling Chairs, Barber chair, Salon Equipment, and Hair Salon Furniture are among the Best Quality and the most economical in the market. Our Styling Chair and Barber Chairs come with a heavy duty pump that our competitions can't compare. We Are very Professional in our hair salon furniture and Barber Chairs and everything that deals with creating a new Salon. Give us a Call we are the Manufacturer of hair salon furniture.